Sure fire ways to avoid ‘winter weight gain’ mistakes!

We can’t deny that exercising in Winter is more challenging and harder to motivate ourselves to do. The cold, dark mornings and nights and urge to stay in our ugg boots and coats (or hide under more truthfully) rather than change into our workout gear is reason enough to avoid exercising. Unfortunately succumbing to these thoughts can place us in a vicious cycle by the time we defrost and Spring/Summer hits, for the winter weight gained and fitness lost can result in us feeling even more demotivated and unenthused to get back into shape. By the time the coats have to come off and singlets and shorts on we are thinking ‘I really should not have let myself go’ or other negative, not so helpful thoughts. We hope we can help you avoid the mistakes many of us make during the colder months and keep you moving, warmer and happier… and avoiding the winter blues.

Mistake #1 – ‘It’s too cold to exercise’
Sorry to state the obvious, but this is the precise reason why you MUST keep moving – it will keep you warmer! Increasing your heart rate, muscle contractions and blood flow to your working muscles and extremities will all increase your body temperature to give you that nice warm feeling, releasing feel good endorphins along the way. The gym offers warmer, drier conditions so really the hardest part may be changing into your work out gear.
Problem solved: As soon as you get up throwing your gear on (and /or layer under your work clothes) makes the change over so much easier. Or better yet, sleep in your leggings (yep we’ve tried it, not so comfortable but superb in the morning come gym time! You can even stay in your trackies and uggies and get changed at the gym… that’s why we love our ‘girls’ only facility!

Mistake #2 – ‘I’ll lose the weight before Summer comes’
Unfortunately the time it takes to gain weight and the time it takes to lose weight is not an equal equation, with weight loss/ fat loss taking much longer to lose than to gain. Also a loss in muscle mass over Winter can result in a slower metabolism thus your body’s ability to burn fat.

Don’t forget – Winter IS the time before Summer comes! So take advantage of less social outings, darker days and the beauty of being able to watch any tv/movie on a Smartphone app and hit the gym for a ‘comfortable’ workout indoors. If you have gained weight over winter, the lethargy this can cause can affect the intensity at which you may exercise thus limiting calories burned.

Problem solved: Get the help of a SUCCESS Personal Trainer or join F.I.I.T Small Group PT. You will be kept accountable and stay on track with your training. You’ll keep exercising at the right intensity to ensure you maintain your weight, fitness levels and importantly your workout routine (i.e no slacking off) throughout Winter. It will be a small investment – between $20-$40 a week at most which, let’s be real we know during Summer you would easily spend this on a couple of wines or cocktails on a weekly night out!

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